The World's Best Massage Chair®

Exclusively designed and manufactured in Japan, Inada massage chairs have each been expertly choreographed by a Shiatsu Master to Deliver a transcendent, effective and skillful massage.

Reasons to Invest in Inada

Find out the top 10 reasons why you should invest in a Family Inada Massage Chair, The World's Best Massage Chair.

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Family Inada

"Our never-ending pursuit of perfection is part of our commitment to the health and well-being that our massage chairs bring to our customers around the world"
-Nichimu Inada, Founder & President of Family Inada

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Our Dealers

Wherever you are, we are able to deliver you the experience of the Inada Massage Chairs through our dealers spread across Canada, carefully selected to represent our products - the world's best massage chairs - and our commitment to quality service.


testimonial about Best Massage Chair

Linda B

Fergus, ON

My kids got me and my husband the Dreamwave for Christmas 5 years ago. We use it at least twice a day before going to work, and before going to bed and it has helped with my arthritis! My husband has stopped complaining about his back pain as well.

Ben M

Calgary, AB



Greg F

Burnaby, BC

The Dreamwave massage chair is simply outstanding! We especially love the pre-programmed massages. My wife, who has MS, has slept like a rock since using the "Night" program every night before bed. 

Luke L

Montreal, QC

Arguably the best massage chair out there. The chair is everything it was designed to be and functions flawlessly - down to the smallest detail. As a former professional athlete, I have experienced plenty of massages and the Fusion surpassed all my expectations of a massage chair.

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