Inada at Calgary Home Garden Show

Family Inada in 2018 Calgary Home + Garden Show

(Home Garden Show)

Family Inada Massage Chairs will be showcased through one of our dealers, Neustar Wellness Choices, at the Annual Calgary Home + Garden Show . Our whole collection will be available to try, including the world’s most comprehensive massage chair, the Inada Dreamwave. 

The show is set to kick off on Thursday, March 1st and will last through Sunday, March 4th 2018. Right now, you can take advantage of their $3 off your admission ticket if you purchase online! Don’t miss out on trying out the World’s Best Massage chair – visit Neustar’s booth #1406 and get special tradeshow discounts off their products!

The Benefits of a Massage Chair

Did you know that massage is the oldest form of medical care? Even Egyptian tomb paintings show people getting massaged. Nowadays, it is one of the most present medical services providing relief to people all over the globe.

With it’s convenience and availability, massage chairs are getting more popular than before. With products that are technologically advanced, it’s no wonder a lot of people prefer to purchase their own massage chairs and experience the ultimate relaxation in the comfort of their own home.

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