Introducing: The Inada Fusion 3s Massage Chair

Life Enhancing Massage + Increased Flexibility

With its patented massage movements, the Inada Fusion 3s massage chair is uniquely designed to alleviate joint stiffness and back pain.

As the only massage chair in the world to combine gentle stretching movements with Japanese shiatsu massage techniques, Fusion may help increase your range of motion and restore the natural, healthy curves of your back.

MSRP: $7,499

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inada duet massage chair - heaters
  • 4 Comprehensive Healthcare Programs + Manual Mode – designed by professional massage therapists that follow specific patterns of shiatsu massage to relieve major tension with personalized strength and accuracy.

  • Warm-up and Cool-down Massage Programs
  • Soft Leather in Hand Massage Components
  • More massage coverage: Long stroke (69 cm) and cross-wise reach (20cm) for more coverage

  • 3D massage Mechanism – Controlled by the remote, the rollers can move in 3 dimensions; either pushed out for a deep-tissue massage, or retracted for a less intense experience.

  • Four Seesaw Rollers & Ultra Slow System – Body weight is evenly distributed over four points to prevent lumpy, uneven massage strokes. Furthermore, the ultra slow system moves the rollers slowly over knotted tension, employing a firm massage and stripping knots effectively.

  • Air Cell Massage and Embrace – Provides gentle massage and grips the shoulders for more effective stretching and deeper roller massage


  • Designed by massage professionals
  • Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator – Shiatsu points vary from person to person depending on body type. The Optical Sensor Automatic Shiatsu Point Locator System uses infrared technology to accurately map the body, adjust the rollers accordingly and accurately perform a more customized massage based on your unique pressure points.
  • Advanced Therapeutic Programming / Industry-University Joint Research – Inada constantly strives for massage excellence in bold and innovative ways. In development of the Fusion, they again teamed up with universities and massage professionals to develop the most therapeutic massage programs possible. Tadashi Kaneko, a well-known stretching instructor and professional kickboxer in Japan, provided expert consultation to Inada and was involved in designing the Sogno Fusion’s intricate stretching techniques, effectively modelling posture-correction in a high-end massage chair. Each healthcare program in the Fusion has been developed by painstakingly researching correct massage techniques, intensity, time and blood circulation, with guidance by massage therapists and shiatsu specialists.


Tension and time negatively affect our posture. The Inada Fusion draws from professional expertise to incorporate therapeutic stretching into its massage programs.

The Fusion moves through 4 steps in its stretching program, ultimately ending with improved posture and increased torso flexibility.

The Full Stretch targets the inner abdominal muscles and relaxes the diaphragm. The Back Stretch firmly stretches the back by arching it entirely.

Professional Expertise

Tadashi Kaneko, a well-known stretching instructor and professional kickboxer in Japan, provided expert consultation to Inada and was involved in designing the Fusion’s intricate stretching techniques, effectively modeling posture-correction in a high-end massage chair.

Shoulder massage – Deeply massages muscles between the shoulder blades that easily stiffen by diagonal movements and massages by pressing kensei points located between the shoulders and neck that easily stiffen.

Neck Massage – Deep shiatsu massage with kneading, targeting the base of the neck.

Lower Body Massage – 3-way air cells stimulate blood flow in the legs and feet while shiatsu balls provide a deep tissue massage on the soles. With an extra long reach of 69cm and crosswise reach of 20cm, the rollers extend low and wide to provide a relieving, comprehensive lower back massage. The hip massage takes care of aches and pains by embracing and massaging the hips with firm air cell massage.

Upper Body – By firmly embracing the upper arms with air cells, the Fusion gently stretches the chest while multiple air cells grip and massage the fingers, hands and forearms in a synchronized pattern.

Embrace Massage – Air cells embrace the upper arms and shoulders to enable a deeper massage from the rollers.


Power Consumption130W (with heater on), rated power consumption of heater: 16W
Electrical Requirements15A, 120V
Installed Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height)Upright: 33 x 50 x 29’’ (83 x 128 x 106 cm)
Reclined: 33 x 73 x 42’’ (83 x 185 x 73 cm)
Boxed Dimensions/WeightCarton: 59 x 38 x 26” (200 lbs)
Recline AngleApprox. 115° – 165° from floor level – automatic, continuous motion
Massage Stroke RangeApprox. 69 cm vertically, 29 cm horizontally
Leg Rest Adjustment Range8.7” (22 cm)
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Outer CoveringSynthetic Leather
ColoursBlack, Ivory, Espresso
Included AccessoriesAC cord, Buffer Pad, Shiatsu Balls x 2, Remote Control Pocket, Operating Guide, Screw Set, T-Shaped Wrench

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